Working to Make a Difference


Pastor Kandy Morrell, Ph.D. President

Pastor Kandy Morrell, D.M. has been traveling abroad since her early teenage years with the high school foreign language club and then as a Rotary Club Group Study Exchange Student. She joined the PAW missions department in 1998 and the PAWIMD Board of Directors in 2008, where she presently serves as Treasurer. Her international ministry has taken her to over 20 countries.

She is a 4th generation PAW pastor and church kitchen worker. She has served also as state singles president, state young people’s public relations director, altar worker, and national armor bearer. She has an earned MBA and an earned doctorate in organizational leadership and management. She is a university professor, business owner, and financial strategist. She pastors Living Water Apostolic Church in Marion, Indiana under her parents, Senior Pastors Robert and Brenda Morrell.

Suffragan Bishop Robert Buckner 2nd Vice President

Program Director 

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors 

  • PAWIMD Parliamentarian

  • Pastor of Living Word Apostolic Church (1987) in Pasadena Park, MO

District Elder Jeffrey Akers  1st Vice President

Pastor Jeffrey S. Akers rests as the founder and senior pastor of the first international internet church in the nation, I.A.C. World Ministries. His 15 years in ministry as an international evangelist has allowed him to serve as executive pastor of Bethesda Temple in Dayton, Ohio for 7 years. Joining the PAWIMD Board of Directors in 2014, he serves as the Multimedia Director. Pastor Akers is the co-founder of the Possibility Theological Center in India, and The Bright Minds Nursery in Hanover, Jamaica. He currently serves the greater Greenville, SC area as the senior pastor of I Am Church.

Pastor Akers was educated at the Port Huron School of Business and certified from the Hi-Lee Recording Institute in the Republic of China. He has a passion for spreading the gospel with film and television. As an experienced filmmaker, two of his recent productions, Homeless in the South and the sci-fi Christian film Illumination, have garnered more than 9 awards including Best Film Scoring, Best Actors, Best Costumes, among others.

District Elder E. Kimberly Brown Secretary

District Elder Brown joined the PAWIMD Board of Directors in April of 2012 and has served as Secretary for the past 3 years. She has traveled, both as a team member and team leader, to the remote parts of Africa and throughout Caribbean Countries since 1995. In addition, she currently serves as the Chairlady of Missions for the Michigan State Council.

She serves as Senior Pastor, of Zion Cathedral of Praise International Ministries located in the city on the water, in Port Huron, Michigan. She holds a Master Degree in Social Work, and a Certification in Advanced Addiction Counseling and Co-Occurring Disorders. District Elder Brown loves God passionately, and lives and serves at home and abroad to one day hear God say, “well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the rest of the Lord.

Suffragan Bishop Avery Burrel Treasurer

Suffragan Bishop Avery D. Burrel Sr. joined the PAWIMD Board of Directors in August of 2013 and currently serves as the Assistant Treasurer. During his time serving as a board member, he has traveled to Barbados West Indies to assist with church development and to Puerto Rico to aid with establishing new relationships with local churches and pastors.

As a professional, Suffragan Bishop Burrel worked 28 years with Alcoa Howmet, Aerospace Corporation, where he traveled extensively. He has earned two Associate of Arts Degrees and a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Mathematics from Grand Valley State University. He currently serves as Senior Pastor of Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church in Muskegon Heights, MI.

District Elder Doris Cohan Assistant Secretary

District Elder Doris Cohan serves as pastor of the Holy Tabernacle Church in Mount Vernon, NY. She joined the PAWIMD Board of Directors in January of 1995 and currently serves as Assistant Secretary. For 17 years she has traveled throughout South Africa, the Manilla and Southern Philippines planting churches. Pastor Cohan earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Organization and Leadership from Mercy College.

Suffragan Elder Walter Oliver

Assistant Treasurer

District Elder Walter R. Oliver is the Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Chapel in New Haven, CT. He joined the PAWIMD Board of Directors in 2015. He has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean as a missionary. He attended South Central Community College, where he s


Suffragan Bishop Robert Buckner

Program Director 

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors 

  • PAWIMD Parliamentarian

  • Pastor of Living Word Apostolic Church (1987) in Pasadena Park, MO

District Elder Brian T. Hamilton

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2018)

  • Transformed Life Church, Piqua, Ohio.


Suffragan Bishop Doug Yancy


  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2015)

  • Pastor of Mt. Moriah Apostolic Church (1991) in Philadelphia, PA


District Elder  Julian Johnson

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2017)

  • Pastor of Bethesda Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith in St. Louis, MO

District Elder David E. Johnson

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2017)

  • Pastor of Grace Apostolic Church in Minnetonka, MN

Pastor Michael McClelland

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2018)

  • Pastor of All Nations Christian Church in Newnan, GA

District Elder Darrell W. Cummings

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2018)

  • Pastor of Bethlehem Apostolic Temple (1992) in Wheeling, WV

Suffragan Bishop  James Talley

  • PAWIMD Board of Directors (2019)

  • California