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Brazil District Council 48

DIOCESAN Bishop Lourenco Vieira


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Much prayer is needed, more Than 50 Million Brazilians Living Below Poverty Line.

Such placement could open the door of cross-cultural work to you – might it be the place to test God’s missionary call on your life?

Bishop Lourenco is keen to help mission-minded LST students and, as a hugely influential church leader in Brazil, he can do so in many ways.

During the Bishop’s visit, it was discussed that three possible partnership avenues could take place 

where you could experience both the vibrancy of Brazilian faith and the challenges facing Brazilian society:

  • an individual student vacation placement (probably summer, possibly Christmas)

  • a group of students for an informal mission trip

  • a graduating student staying longer for an internship.

Possible placement opportunities were identified (in all of which Bishop Lourenco has influence):

  • in a wide variety of church denominations and geographical locations throughout Brazil

  • in social action: including ministry within prisons, favelas, or drug rehabilitation centers

  • with different indigenous groups – especially the Amazonian Indians.

Bishop Lourenco could organize hospitality for placement students, including food and lodging.  So practical considerations for prospective placement students would include the financial outlay of international flights, domestic.  You can be a part of the change!

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